A Life Well Lived...&...The Power To Say Good-bye!

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First off let me say that it has been far too long since the last time I wrote a newsletter, however there have been reasons. We had this grand plan to begin writing newsletters in August after we got back from vacation to see Laura's family in Canada and spend a week in Glacier, Montana. When we returned, the start of school and catching up on orders that came while we were on vacation took us into September: Then came a phone call that Laura's brother was in the hospital, with a returned cancer. We ended up going to Lethbridge, Ontario, Canada, to spend time with his family (wife Bonnie and the boys, Trevor 22, Eric 20, Mitchell 18); this came to be good-bye, we made a trip back on October 7 for his funeral. He was Laura's only brother, he was 48, this fall has come with our own heartaches of loss and learning to cope with that loss. He was loved by all that knew him, and we are still learning to live with the loss...

So, I wrote the title of this essay first and then thought about how I wanted to share my message: I found it in the most unlikely spot. If you know my background, you would most likely think I would find the message in the words of an old Hank Williams song, however, my country roots escaped me. I googled my title and came up with the following refrain from the song titled: The Power of Goodbye, sang by Madonna...Here is an excerpt from the chorus:

"Learn to say goodbye,
I yearn to say goodbye,
There's nothing left to try,
There's no more places to hide,
There's no greater power than the power of goodbye."

Madonna's song is a heart-breaking lovestory, however I think it has a larger message that "there is no greater power than the power of goodbye", which can be the perfect foreshadowing of being able to have that chance to say goodbye. Whether in a relationship or loss of a loved one, it makes it easier to live beyond the loss when you have the ability to say goodbye. The power to say Good-bye is not an easy thing to do and takes courage.

So now, hopefully this will give me the strength to tell you, our wonderful customers, that we have decided to close our beloved Dakota Cabin Quilts. It has been a wonderful 15 years, and from the very beginning of a craft show in Bison, South Dakota, to what morphed into a multi-faceted Quilting lifestyle, with a "FULL" store, traveling booth for outreach, classes and of course our website. The people have always been what made it fun for us, so hopefully along the way we have done a little good, enabled a few "Quiltaholics" and found some of the most wonderful people on the planet. Some in person and others through email and online orders, you have enriched our lives more than you could ever hope to realize: Laura, Matthew and myself, THANK-YOU for everything!!

From the very beginning everybody loved our pictures of our "little boy". Matthew turned 14 last fall and here he is after just finishing singing with his portion of the Central Dakota Children's Choir Christmas Concert. His group Kantorei has 60-70 Junior High students, under the direction of James McMahon and they are a wonderful group to hear sing.

Laura has begun making an effort to sew down her stash and has made great progress. In 2016 she finished 17 UFO projects, started and finished new projects and of course continues to buy more!

For anyone who would like to know what Laura is currently working on, she has recently begun tracking her progress on her new sampler quilt: "Quilt Block Cookbook" by Amy Gibson, she can be found on instagram, follow @dakotacabinquilts

To the left you can see some of her hand paper-pieced quilt blocks from "Smitten" by Jen Kingwell.

Our FINAL day has been scheduled for February 18, however it will take us a little while to finish shipping orders. Please check out our website, and if there is anything that you cannot live without, I promise it will not be there "forever". We have had an offer to purchase what is leftover, and when the website ceases: that will be the end.

Happy Quilting From DCQ!

Please be aware of the inventory control numbers. They should be accurate. But if it says that I have zero, it has been ordered previously.

With Warm Regards,
Laura, Wesley and Matthew

PS: Bismarck and Hettinger residents can now save postage, because if I can get there; I will deliver!!

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